Fire Department Visits Students

Photo courtesy Berkeley Schools

  BERKELEY – Recently, Mrs. Blumensteel’s class at Bayville School had a volunteer firefighter come in. He talked about the importance of having an escape plan, how to be safe near a fire, and what to do if your clothes catch on fire. He also showed the students his gear and told them the importance of each item.

  Kindergarten students from Bayville School took a visit to the fire house. They learned all about the equipment, different trucks and how to stay low in the event of a fire.

  Students in Mrs. Ofsanko’s class at Bayville School learned about fire safety and prevention with an interactive lesson from the Bayville Fire Department. They reminded students to “get low,” have a fire escape plan and to call for help. We are so grateful to them for answering all the students’ questions and letting them experience some of the aspects of being a firefighter. Students were able to wear their equipment, sit in the firetruck, and see/learn about all the tools they use in various rescues up close. Thank you, Bayville Fire Department!