Council Fights Bill Impacting Senior Communities

The clubhouse at Holiday City at Carefree is open. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

  BERKELEY – Following the effort to dissuade the passing of bill A3477, the Berkeley Township council is taking action to oppose and prevent the certification of a similar bill, A4106, that council members say will negatively impact the protection and privacy of senior and common interest communities.

  Berkeley Township’s council members state that the certification of bill A4106 would grant anyone the ability to purchase, sell, and live in a property within common interest and age-restricted communities regardless of age.

  “They are changing communities to fit the government’s agenda,” said Council President Sophia Gingrich, speaking about the A4106 at a recent council meeting.

  The council states that the bill disregards the protection of senior and common interest communities regarding the necessary rules and restrictions that help sustain and develop these communities.

  “We want it to stay the way it is,” said Gingrich, adding to the council’s opposition.

  The council issued a resolution in opposition of the bill.

  “The removal of age restriction for ownership in senior communities would wreak havoc for the seniors who live in these communities and have moved there to afford a lifestyle in retirement with self-minded individuals,” said Mike Signorile, a Township Council member and head of the coalition of senior communities in Berkeley Township.

  The bill’s official statement claims that it will “expressly require the association of an age-restricted common interest community to permit an owner of a dwelling unit in the community to sell or grant the unit to a purchaser or grantee regardless of whether the purchaser’s or grantee’s age does not comply with the applicable age restrictions,” but the Township Council claims this bill will destroy significant conventions of common interest and senior communities.

  The Senior Coalition of Berkeley Township “will support the senior communities in Berkeley Township and if necessary rally to ensure this bill doesn’t get out of the legislative body to the governor’s desk,” Signorile added.