Club Donates Remote Controlled Plane To Scouts

Photo courtesy Pine Barren Modelers RC Club

  BERKELEY – A local group that flies remote controlled planes took a new generation under their wing.

  In July, Girl Scout Troop 427 came to the field where the Pine Barren Modelers RC Club fly. It’s on a miniature paved airstrip behind the Beachwood Mall site on Route 9.

  Beginning fliers are given a “buddy box,” where an experienced flier can take over the controls if the student is having trouble.

Photo courtesy Pine Barren Modelers RC Club

  “We let the girls fly for the evening on the buddy box system and they loved it and asked if they could come back again,” said Richard Bombardier, Club President. “They did come back about two weeks later during one of our night flying functions and we let them fly some more. We were so impressed with how well some of the girls were doing that we decided to donate their own Ready To Fly trainer plane plus an extra battery. The RTF plane has everything required to fly, it comes with the plane, transmitter, one battery and the battery charger.

Photo courtesy Pine Barren Modelers RC Club

  “We presented the RC airplane at our September 7th meeting with the stipulation that they must bring it down to our field and learn to fly with an AMA instructor. Once they have learned and have been signed off by our instructors, they would be free to fly it anytime and anywhere,” he said.

  Anyone looking to join the RC club can visit