Boy Scout Installs Bat Boxes In State Park

Photo courtesy Double Trouble State Park

  BERKELEY – Next time you visit Double Trouble State Park, look up in the trees. Luke Lotter of Boy Scout Troop 20 in Toms River recently installed bat boxes throughout the village for his Eagle Scout service project.

  A single adult bat can eat close to its body weight in insects every night! A bat “roost” is the place bats use to rest and raise their young. In their natural habitat, bats roost in tree cavities, among leaves and under bark. But some species have adapted to roosting in man-made structures such as houses, barns, and bridges.

  These bats will occupy roost boxes, similar to birds using artificial nest boxes. Bat houses are constructed to mimic natural roosts by providing tight, vertical sheltered spaces in which bats can safely hang without being disturbed. Thank you, Luke!