Berkeley Continues To Promote “See Something – Say Something” Campaign

Mayor Carmen Amato (Photo courtesy Berkeley Township)

BERKELEY – Mayor Carmen F. Amato, Jr., and Chief Kevin Santucci continue to promote the See Something – Say Something campaign.

“It’s important to remind residents that if they see something suspicious they should report it to the police immediately.” Amato said.

The local campaign will consist of signs placed throughout the town, postings on billboards, web sites, social media and nixle notification.

“Berkeley Township is 42 square miles with 44,000 residents. Every resident can assist by being the eyes and ears of our community. So if you see something, say something.” Said Mayor Amato.

“I have seen this program in other parts of the State. I communicated the idea to Mayor Amato and he immediately embraced it. I want to thank the Mayor for pushing this ahead.” Councilman Byrnes said.

Council President John Bacchione, said “Many homeowners are aware of what is going on in their neighborhoods. We all know who should be in our neighborhoods and who shouldn’t. If you see someone who looks suspect or a situation that just doesn’t look right, please report it to the police.”

“This will be in addition to the Berkeley Township Police Department “Tip Line”. It should be noted that the tip line has proved positive, as concerned citizens have alerted police which has led to multiple investigations and arrests.” Chief Santucci said.

Residents may either leave their name and address or report the activity anonymously if they feel more secure in doing so.
The “Tip Line” is 732-341-1132 ext: 611 or email:

“Remember, if you are witnessing a crime in progress, immediately call 9-1-1 or Berkeley dispatch directly at: 732-341-6600.” Council President John Bacchione said.