100th Day Celebrations In Berkeley Schools

Miss Gravely's second grade class at Bayville School. (Photo courtesy of Berkeley School District)
Ms. Walstrom’s class at Potter School. (Photo courtesy of the Berkeley Township School District)

BERKELEY – Hundreds of raisins, marshmallows and chocolate chips, counted out slowly by children’s hands. Hundreds of balloons floating around classroom ceilings. Dressing up as though you were a 100 years old.

The Berkeley school district celebrated its 100th day of school, complete with a variety of fun and games all based around the three-digit number.

Festivities were synonymous with Valentine’s Day this year, February 14, after a snow day reconfigured when the 100th day of school fell this year.

The celebrations were led as classroom activities by teachers. At H & M Potter, Kindergarten students were surprised with 100 balloons as they came in to their classrooms this morning. Students in all grade levels dressed up as if they were 100 and others wore clothing with 100 items attached.