Can Dan Rodrick Be Trusted?

Ward 2 Councilman Dan Rodrick ran for council twice as a Democrat, losing a special election in 2016 and winning in 2017.  During the 2016 Democrat primary he was a Bernie Sanders supporter before supporting Crooked Hilary in the general election against President Trump.

Rodrick attempted take over the Toms River Democrats and failed.  Then he changed Partys and registered as a Republican. 

Now, less than a year after registering as a Republican, Rodrick wants the Republican nomination for mayor.

Rodrick says he was a Republican for 20 years before he became a Bernie Sanders supporter and that he is the real conservative running for mayor.  Yet, he accepted a $1000 campaign contribution from Democrat Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, who along with Governor Murphy is implementing drastic cuts to Toms River School Funding which could result in over 80 teachers being laid off.

Rodrick has falsely claimed, as reported in The Asbury Park Press, that the Ciba-Geigy land is slated for high density affordable housing, when in fact,  there is no housing planned for the site and a low impact solar energy farm is in the planning stages.

Rodrick is a teacher in Middletown where he is also a leader on the Monmouth County Teachers Union endorsement committee.   As a member of the NJEA, he gets great health care benefits.  Yet, when he was sworn in as a Ward 2 Councilman, he stuck Toms River taxpayers will the cost of his family’s health insurance.   Why would he do that?  Because the Middletown Board of Education pays teachers $5000 if they get their health insurance elsewhere.

As both and Democrat and a Republican, Rodrick as sought to divide and conquer Toms River.  He has sown division within the community by fear mongering about over development and blaming local Republican leaders for affordable housing policies (COAH) forced upon all of New Jersey by the liberal Supreme Court and their Democrat accomplices in the legislature.

If Rodrick was a real Republican, he’d be joining us in the fight against the Liberal policies coming out of Trenton, instead of dishonestly exploiting them for his own political purposes.

“Dan is out for Dan,” Toms River Democrat Chairman Ben Giovine told the Toms River Patch when Rodrick changed Partys.   We agree.  Dan Rodrick is the kind of politician who is say anything to get elected and advance himself. 

He can’t be trusted.

Republican strategist Art Gallagher is the editor/publisher of MoreMonmoutMusings, a conservative blog that has been covering the Jersey Shore and NJ politics since 2006. Gallagher’s work has been cited by The Wall Street Journal, The Star Ledger, The Asbury Park Press, NJ 101.5, and News 12.  He is a frequent contributor to and TheTommyGShow on WCTC 1450 AM. Gallagher was named one of New Jersey’s Top 100 Media Personalities by in 2017 and 2018.

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