What’s MacArthur’s Real Stance On Guns?

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Congressman Tom MacArthur (R-3rd) says “we must have an open and honest conversation to look for real solutions about how to prevent these mass shootings,” but his actions belie his (empty) words. He voted for concealed carry reciprocity, which will make Jersey families more vulnerable to gun carriers from states with no background checks and no limits on concealed carry. He voted to loosen Obama-era restrictions on ability of mentally ill people to get their hands on guns, further endangering Jerseyans. He took money from the NRA (his neighbor in the Second District, Congressman Frank LoBiondo, wouldn’t take NRA money).

It’s time for action, not more and more words and platitudes. It’s time for legislation for fewer guns, not more. It’s time to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, not to make it easier for them to acquire these weapons of mass destruction. It’s time – but when will Tom MacArthur take that brave step?

Kevin Kennedy



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