Watch Votes On Gun Laws

Last month, the New Jersey Assembly passed a package of measures to address the continuing gun violence that kills an average of 35,000 Americans each year. Hopefully, these common sense measures will be passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor.

Zero doubt, gun violence in America is a complex issue and there are no quick fixes. However, the Assembly’s measures will undoubtedly help keep inappropriate weapons and ammunition out of the hands of irresponsible persons.

Given the escalating epidemic of gun violence, it is very difficult to understand why Assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer (12th District) did not support any of the measures passed by the Assembly. He voted against five measures (A1181, A1217, A2757, A2758, A2761) and abstained from voting on the bill (A2759) which bans handgun ammunition that has the capacity to penetrate body armor. Assemblyman Dancer’s votes clearly define his position on guns. When he is up for re-election, our votes should reflect his voting record on gun violence legislation. Time for change in the 12th District.

Luke Stango
Jackson, NJ


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