Voting On Election Referendum Questions

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Voters are being asked to approve the NJ Library Construction Bond Act on Nov. 7, as well as a constitutional amendment dedicating moneys from state environmental contamination cases.

I give no. 1 a “NO” vote. It calls for state grants to towns and counties for upgrades to library facilities. While there is a need and the thought has merit, it should not be funded by taxpayers throughout .NJ.

Here in Ocean County we’ve been paying a county library tax at least as far back as 1993 per my records. In Lacey the tax is now .037 per hundred dollars of valuation. Ocean County has established a high quality system with our tax dollars. Apparently, North Jersey governmental bodies have not had the foresight to set aside funds for libraries. They generally have higher property taxes than us, however.

The issue is a local problem, and it should not be hoisted onto the backs of the general populace. Anyone who has a mortgage knows that the final cost will be far more than $125 million. I encourage you to vote “NO.”

Question no. 2 should get a “YES” vote. It’s a no-brainer that environmental pollution recovery funds should go to the cleaning up the environment and not wind up in the general operations budget. We’ve all heard how the governor has robbed such funds to balance the budget. The original legislation behind this question has allowed him to do it, so now is your chance to tie the hands of future governors. The original legislation was faulty, so correct it with a “YES” vote.

Bert Topping
Forked River




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