TV News, Weather Skips Us

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I saw Comcast cable should replace “News 12 NJ” and “The Weather Channel.”

We need news and weather channels covering mid-south Jersey, that being between Toms River and Atlantic City.

“News 12 NJ” doesn’t know that towns, roads, and people exist here. We rarely get any coverage of anything in our area.

“The Weather Channel” ignores the northeast and the “Local weather on the eights” is rarely seen on any time, especially on the weekends!

Texas, California, Hawaii, southern states and those west of the Mississippi River is all they know, except of course, “Ice Road Truckers,” “Highway Through Hell,” “Think You Can Survive,” and the like. We only get coverage here when a hurricane or extremely bad storm is off our coast.

I say we need previous channel 101 for local weather and a South Jersey, maybe Atlantic County, news channel!


Donald G. Calvert


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