Trump Is Mean To Everyone And Deserves Scorn

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In response to letter entitled “No Reason To Be Mean About Trump” in The Brick Times of December 1st, I feel morally obliged to offer a contrary view. I do not challenge the sincerity of the writer. I simply cannot grasp her reasoning, particularly because her hero acts like the playground bully always picking fights. But, if somebody hits him back, he runs off to the school principal to complain.

This political era – or is it error? – might be described as four blind men trying to identify an elephant with each man touching a different part of the animal. One touches the trunk and concludes it’s a snake hanging in a tree. Another touches a foreleg and “sees” a tree. The third reaches high and grasps an ear, deciding it’s a flamingo. Who knows what the fourth man thought when he touched the tail? But let’s keep prurience out of this conversation!

For the eight years of Obama’s presidential tenure, I wrote many letters to various newspaper editors, some seeing the light of day by getting published. I supported Obama, not only as our president, but also as a noble man committed to making this nation into a more perfect union. [Kindly refer to the Preamble of the Constitution.] My letters often appealed to the general public to give him a chance; to support his initiatives for the good of the economy and for the betterment of the people; even to pray for him.

Donald Trump actually rode on the back of Birtherism and bigotry to win the hearts and minds of many millions of Christian citizens. Throughout his campaign and through his two years as president, a day does not pass without some outrageous incitement to hatred, exclusion and/or violence against strangers and dissenters of his worldview. The relentless attacks against our First Amendment flood Tweetland. The same has been true whenever he speaks in person. His worldview is one of unadulterated greed, a greed without conscience, lacking in self-reflection, insatiable and with not a morsel of morality. Donald Trump is the pure narcissist and his brand of greed is endangering all of us.

Yes, in those past letters of mine, I too urged my fellow citizens to pray for Obama. Did the writer of “No Reason To Be Mean About Trump?” Or did she, as so many Americans, decide that blind belligerence and autocratic rule are what America needed? Sadly, that is what we got!

She says: May God bless America. I say: May God bless all of humanity! Isn’t God supposed to be Father (and Mother) of all human beings?

Nicholas Molinari


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