Traffic Nightmare On Brick’s Princeton Ave.

(Photo by Micromedia Publications)

For the past seven or eight years, the traffic on Princeton Ave. in Brick has become a nightmare. The speed limit says 40 miles an hour while there are times the cars are doing 46 to 50 miles an hour. Princeton Ave. is a residential area. The volume of the traffic is because the people are using Princeton Ave. to avoid Route 88 which is 35 miles an hour (and is a commercial road) while trying to get to Point Pleasant. The majority of the people do not live on or off Princeton Ave. The cars come in caravans of 7 to 19 or more all day, every day seven days a week. Trying to cross Princeton Ave. is at your own risk because the caravan of cars is coming both ways.

Then there are people driving in the bike lane while trying to get around a car that is trying to make a turn off Princeton Ave. These people don’t even slow down – they continue their same speed. These drivers are sometimes very abusive to the people walking or riding their bikes in the bike lane. There are fewer people walking, jogging or riding their bikes anymore because they don’t feel safe. Princeton Ave. has very few sidewalks – hence walking or jogging in the bike lane.

Then we have the problem of trying to get out of our development. First there are the cars speeding through a red light. I live on Princeton Pines Place. When trying to go straight across Princeton Ave. to Post Road, that’s another nightmare. We have to fight the people making a right turn onto Post Road even though they have a red light but they continue to speed around the corner. They need a “No Turn On Red” sign at this corner. Sometimes we have to slam on our brakes to avoid an accident even though we have the light. But these people just keep going.

I addressed these concerns with the town over two years ago but nothing has changed. If anything, the situation has only gotten worse. There are more cars, trucks, and even big commercial trailers. The summer months always bring more traffic and then there is the Farmers’ Market on Saturdays at Windward Beach during the four summer months. The traffic is horrible on Saturdays during the summer.

This issue needs to be addressed before a major causality occurs.

Elizabeth Schuckman



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