Thank You For Supporting Troops

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(Editor’s note: This letter was sent to Lloyd Mullikan, a Berkeley resident who collects items for troops and can be reached at 732-269-1397. He agreed to let this letter run as a letter to the editor.)

I have received your packages and the troops were very excited! Movies, magazines and health and beauty products are always appreciated. I run the medical operations here so I see all of our sick soldiers and we like to provide them with things to do and some form or way to entertain them, especially it being the holidays.

Certain other things that the soldiers asked for were board games. I know these are all simple requests, but out here we do not have a lot of ways for our soldiers to take their minds off of the everyday tasks.

We are more than grateful for all of your hard work and support! Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes this holiday season and God Bless!

2nd Lt. Chelsea D. Smith
(Address redacted)



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