Tax “Scam” Should Not Have Passed

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Congressman MacArthur says he worked to save NJ taxpayers and that is such a pathetic joke.

He was the only representative from NJ to vote for this tax scam which will add over a trillion dollars to our deficit, 13 million people will lose insurance, and only the extremely wealthy will benefit.

What he fought for was pointless. Even if his provisions for property tax survive it doesn’t help! He “fought” for a property tax deduction up to $10,000; with the other deductions being taken away that is useless. A single individual will have a standard deduction of $12,000 and would use that instead.

Here is an example: A person used to have $18,000 in itemized deductions; now only has $6,000 property tax. Using the standard deduction of $12,000; this person has lost $6,000 in deductions and more than $8,000 for the two personal exemptions that are also gone. The plan Congressman MacArthur voted for also raises the lowest tax rate to 12%, so the very least he just cost this person is $1,680. But, this person should feel great that MacArthur’s taxes will be the one to actually decrease.

The entire tax bill is a scam, but Rep. MacArthur’s act is a travesty.

Gail Cohn
Toms River, NJ


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