Take Russia Seriously Or Lose Votes

So, the House Intelligence Committee just dishonestly shut down the committee’s Russia investigation. Should I be surprised?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired, right after speaking out about Russia. Should I be surprised?

Help me understand how these actions are not partisan games. Help me form a conclusion that “party ahead of country” is NOT what members of the House are running on the citizens.

It seems that those not running for re-election are speaking the truth, like Rep. Tom Rooney on the House Intelligence Committee. I agree with him on his declaration that the committee has “lost all credibility” on this Russia investigation.

It shouldn’t take a retirement to show political courage—it should be the job of every elected official, of both parties. I demand that my elected officials take the Russia investigation seriously and act in our country’s best interest.

Personally, I wish I could vote tomorrow. But I will be voting some people out this election cycle.


Sean Ryan
Toms River


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