Surf & Stream Should Stay Pristine

A river runs through Surf & Stream Campground. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

I was disappointed to read your Jan. 20, 2018 front page story about Surf & Stream campground being considered for redevelopment. How sad!

The author pointed out the beauty of the location with it’s meandering stream, and the fact that it was an active part time community even though all renters had other permanent homes and activities slowed down in the winter.

As a local resident, I have never stayed at this campground other than to use their dump station after returning from my RV trips.

Surf & Stream is a valuable asset to Manchester for those that prefer trailer or motorhome accommodations to hotel life or seasonal house rentals. Consider also the large amount of permeable soil that exists in this campground that would be paved or built over if redeveloped.

I could go on, but my point is that if the owner cannot keep the property as a campground he should sell it to someone who could lovingly keep it groomed for those wishing to enjoy our towns and beaches without hotel living.

My travels across this great country have always relied on campgrounds such as Surf & Stream. We should not lose it. Our elected officials must not allow the land usage to change.

Walter Lenskold


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