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Stafford Council Presents Volunteer Award (Photo by Kimberly Bosco)

Regarding the article “Stafford Council Presents Volunteer Award,” I was at the Township Council Meeting during which the Mayor presented the award to Heather Kline. I thought it was a wonderful way to shine the light on what volunteers can do to improve any community.

The proclamation brought to mind a volunteer who has never gotten any recognition, but whose efforts have brought together many volunteers. His name is Mike Stec, and, since Bob Walker retired, he has been responsible, along with his wife and a committee of volunteers, for coordinating all the necessary functions that make the Mill Creek Road Community Garden a viable resource for all of Stafford Township.

Mike painted the barn at the farm by himself. I’ve seen him and a small army of volunteers, working early in the morning, weeding, watering, and tilling the property during the summer. The tomatoes, swiss chard, spinach, rhubarb, lettuces, beans, etc. were given out to volunteers, or, for a small donation to residents who asked for produce from the garden.

As fall approached, Mike organized volunteers to help with the fall clean out, and I’m sure he’s already ordering seeds for the spring planting. This is an endeavor that lasts from spring to fall, and benefits all of our residents. If it wasn’t for Mike, the Mill Creek Garden would surely have lain fallow for lack of attention.  Thanks Mike, for all the good you have done, and, I hope, will continue to do!

Jeanine Sciglitano
Stafford Township


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