Stop Publishing MacArthur’s Statements

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Your publication should stop giving preference to one political party’s candidate over the other’s. By enabling him to distort reality for your readers in his campaign to get re-elected in District 3, the Times, Micromedia Publications and Jersey Shore Online are providing an unfair advantage to Rep. Tom MacArthur.

Every time you distribute his defensive “spin” on his shameful record in Congress for the past three years, you are helping him deceive voters. You never present the facts that belie his 93% allegiance to dangerous NRA policies that can result in mass shootings.

You repeatedly give MacArthur a free platform to try to downplay his extreme record on guns. Off the top of my head, I can think of 14 ways MacArthur has stood with his campaign contributor, the NRA, and stood against public safety.

Despite the weekly columns that his PR flack wrote, the record shows that he was (1) against strengthening the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, (2) voting against the bipartisan “Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act” and (3) refusing to co-sponsor the bill when it was updated last year.

MacArthur’s belated interest in mental health has no credibility, because he (4) voted against a Social Security rule that would have kept guns from individuals with mental impairments, and he (5) voted against having the Veterans Administration report mentally incompetent vets to the Background Check System. The NRA must be so proud of its puppet! He’s not representing the wishes of nine out of ten of his constituents who are in favor of better background checks.

To add insult to injury, MacArthur wants (6) to cut billions of dollars out of Medicaid, which supports mental health programs. He (7) voted against funding Centers for Disease Control research on firearm injury prevention. He (8) won’t even allow the CDC to have a database that can search names when it traces the sources of firearms. MacArthur also (9) voted against funding gun safety research at Health and Human Services, and even 10) voted against designating gun research a priority at the National Science Foundation. He’s obviously the best politician the NRA can buy.

Just after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, in Las Vegas, MacArthur (11) co-sponsored the bill that would allow firearm enthusiasts to carry concealed guns across state lines. Hidden “heat” is banned in New Jersey. What about states’ rights, Tom?
He has also (12) voted against the “no fly, no buy” bills that would deny firearm purchases to known or suspected terrorists. That’s just ridiculous!

In the space your publications give for MacArthur’s propaganda week after week, he’s (13) avoided mentioning anything at all about assault rifles or (14) raising the minimum age to buy guns.

Clearly, this NRA lackey doesn’t represent the vast majority of Ocean County voters. Instead MacArthur thinks domestic abusers, felons, terror suspects, the mentally ill, bar patrons, church-goers, students and teachers should be armed – no matter what. He’s neglecting public safety as more people are being slaughtered.

It’s time for Micromedia Publications to stop enabling MacArthur to do the bidding of the NRA without giving the same amount of space to the common-sense views of most of your readers.

Nancy J. Richman
Toms River


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