Snow Plows: Friends or Foes?

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If your home faces west in a snow storm you’ll get 24” on your driveway or even more, while your neighbor across the street might get 8” at most. So you shovel about three or four times, about 1.5 hours each time to clear your driveway. You shovel about 6 hours so you can get out.

Then at about 10 or 11 p.m., the plow comes and pushes about 6 tons of snow against your driveway. So it takes you about two hours to clear that mess. Then, just as you get in your home, you hear that damn plow again. Just think, these plow guys that are trying to give you a heart attack are paid with your tax dollars! Do you know your mayor’s number, email, or address? Maybe it’s time to give him or her a message!


Fred Martone, Sr.
Brick, NJ


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