In Response To “A Vote For Trump”

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I wish to reply to a letter from Rosemary Doherty (“A Vote For Trump,” Sept. 2, 2017)

Ms. Doherty asks how things are working out for we who voted for Trump. Well in truth, pretty good. Although I’m sure we will disagree on some of his policies, let’s talk about how everyone (including Ms. Doherty) is benefitting from President Trump’s activity:

The Trump stock market rally has added $4 trillion to the nation’s economy, something everyone with a retirement account (401K, SEP, etc.) or investments, share in. U.S. small business optimism is the highest it has been in 10 years and money is again being invested. More than 1.1 million fewer people are on food stamps under President Trump. U.S. unemployment has hit the lowest levels since 2001. No doubt the 1 million new jobs created since Trump took office has helped and manufacturing is up by over 4% after 10 years of steady decline. The democrats are no longer talking Russia, since there is nothing there and are now saying “racist” yet they refuse to condemn Nazi-like activity by Antifas and Black Separatist/Marxist organizations like Black Lives Matter. Strange that the party that created the Jim Crow Laws, voted against the Equal Rights Amendment and the Federal Anti-Lynching Law (like Al Gore’s father) should be so concerned about racism. By the way, if anyone is mentally unstable it’s Hillary Clinton who has shown multiple positive signs of delusional thinking, projecting and denial. I guess all those years with Bill have caught up to her.

Yea things are looking pretty good for us Trump voters, lucky for Ms. Doherty a rising river lifts all boats, including hers.

John Cardello
Little Egg Harbor


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