Remembering The Good Old Days

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Can anyone remember a time when you could leave your house unlocked 24-7 and not worry? Ever get bumped by someone while out during the holidays and the person actually turned around to say “Excuse me.” Can you remember holding a door open for a stranger and them thanking you for it? Well, I can, and how times have changed.

I remember when everyone stood for the national anthem with hand over heart.

I remember when everyone you knew or spoke to was a patriot and respected our flag.

I remember when Civics was taught in school so we could learn about our flag, our Constitution and our rights. I remember people spoke the truth without being politically correct. Remember when immigrants had to register and get vaccinated at Ellis Island when entering our great land.

I remember when the people’s candidate won an election. They celebrated and those whose candidate lost dealt with it until next election. Not resist, name call and point fingers.

Remember a congress that did what the people elected them to do? Take care of us and most importantly, protect us. Not waste the taxpayers’ time and money appointing special councils to try and remove a president they don’t agree with. Deal with it, until next election and do your jobs.

I can remember when the safety and security of our nation was first priority for a president or politician. We have people in our country today illegally that are career criminals or gang members. We have politicians today looking to protect and provide them sanctuary. Isn’t it the responsibility of all politicians and non-politicians we elect from either side of the aisle, to look out for the safety and well-being of the law abiding citizens of our nation?

I ask, how did this great country of ours get in the mess it’s in today?

Has our nation been sold out from beneath us by spineless past presidents?

Or was it on the backs of spineless past politicians?

I remember presidents that did what was best for our nation. They always thought of us first. I remember when presidents showed strength, courage and stayed true to their word. I remember when they made us proud. They stood up for us against other countries and our enemies. They didn’t draw artificial lines in the sand and then turn their back and walk away.

I remember the presidents and politicians who had spines; they are the ones who made our nation great.

I remember the presidents and politicians who were spine-less, those just took away from our nation’s greatness.

Does anyone else remember?

Joseph Flannery Jr.


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