Pot Legalization Sends Wrong Message

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New York’s Governor Cuomo and New Jersey’s Governor Murphy are very kind and sympathetic individuals. They now want to make marijuana legal “once and for all.” What a splendid and cool idea!

We’re trying to tell people that excessive alcohol consumption causes problems and more accidents. We’re fighting a national crusade against the opioid epidemic which is indeed addictive and causes deaths. We’re trying to curb cigarette smoking because it’s bad for our health – and others – yet, we’re trying “once and for all” to legalize marijuana, even though pot smoking irritates the lungs and people who inhale it can develop the same problems as those who inhale tobacco.

Is the governor thinking about the people when he came to this conclusion, or dollar signs? New York doesn’t make money from pot and other drug sales yet, so he says OK let’s do it, why not?

Marijuana should only be handed out as a prescription, by licensed doctors, no one else. The long-term harm to our people – especially the young – is not being considered and is at stake.

Minos Rigopoulis
Toms River

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