Plastic Bag Ban Won’t Solve Problems

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When this administration attempted to ban these single use bags a few years ago, they were sued and apparently could not do such an interesting but an unreasonable plan.

The administration under John Spodofora as mayor, indicated that the council and he would be taking comments both for and opposed for the next several months. Even though the ordinance 2018-06 was already voted on during a recent council meeting.

As an executive packaging specialist since 1959, I not only witnessed the major shift towards poly and plastic materials that have continued to package products in a wide range of sensitive products. That said, here are a few facts to better understand the potential negative impact on banning single-use poly-bags.

A poly-bag ban will mean a shift to paper-bag format in a wide number of outlets. That can lead to this very interesting result. An average 8-inch diameter tree trunk to a usable height of 45-feet applying the simple ttr2 formula to yield the cross-section area and multiplying it by the height, we have discovered that this dead tree contains roughly 100 feet of wood that is translated to paper. It would take about eight of these trees to produce 1,000- 2,000 pounds of paper. Based on a typical 500 sheet of paper the pounds would amount to about 20,000 sheets of paper.

On the surface this doesn’t sound all that bad … but as of a 2014 study the country has produced over 20.7 million tons of paper taking over 100 million trees and more, should this arbitrary intent to ban poly-bags and not realize their planned concept. Summarized, the extra cost of paper bags, that are never recycled, the cost will be factored into our already rising market shipping costs … poly-bags are widely reused for many practical needs. The recent news for a plan to increase gas taxes, the rising cost to live in Ocean County region, with over

2,000 homes in foreclosure alone.

I believe contrary to the political view that Stafford and Ocean County is a great place to live … not so much for struggling seniors, and with the coming rise in property taxes, taxes that have been stuck at a high level for many years.

Get down to real issues of keeping our township’s cost down, the recent 2017 (10 months alone) annual paying of bills in the amount exceeding $130 million, on top of our approved 2017 municipal budget at $45.6 million.

Sal Sorce


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