Pipeline Project Needed

A map of the proposed pipeline. (Map courtesy http://northeastsupplyenhancement.com)
A map of the proposed pipeline. (Map courtesy http://northeastsupplyenhancement.com)

I am submitting this letter in hopes that my fellow community members recognize the need for natural gas projects like Williams’ Northeast Supply Enhancement. The urgency for clean energy continues to grow. We need the NESE project to match this demand.

I’ve been fortunate enough to gain a well-rounded understanding of the energy crisis in the Northeast both by having a career in the industry and by having friends who oppose pipelines. Having a solid knowledge base and listening to differing opinions has led me to the conclusion that reliable and clean energy is the most sensible option for our future. No one can deny that the NESE project is expected to transport enough natural gas to serve more than 2 million homes and businesses in the Northeast. Being an environmentally conscientious person, I know meeting this need with natural gas is a better alternative to burning oil or coal.

In addition to being environmentally beneficial, I know the NESE will be a fantastic asset for this region by driving economic benefits and bringing nearly 3,000 jobs to our local communities. That means families and businesses will benefit. As a resident of the Northeast, it’s hard not to support a project that has such a positive impact on my community. I sincerely hope that my friends and neighbors will take a close look and ultimately join me in supporting this important project.

Peter Collins

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