OPINION: Who Does MacArthur Represent?

Congressman Tom MacArthur, Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin and Presidential advisor Ivanka Trump speaking about taxes at Bayville Fire Company. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

I recently received a deceitful flyer in the mail attacking Andy Kim (a candidate for Congress) as a tax dodger among other things. I have seen untruthful ads on TV about Kim also. Who is behind these unscrupulous attacks? None other than our Congressman Tom MacArthur.

Apparently, he cannot run on his own record but has to attack his opponent. MacArthur’s record shows his allegiance to Trump even if it goes against us, his own constituents. He also has refused to hold town hall meetings. He would gladly take away our health care and protection for pre-existing conditions and was Trump’s right-hand man trying to accomplish this. MacArthur represents big money, not we the people, which he has proven time and time again with his voting.

Andy Kim has served as a national security official under presidents of both parties. He is a Rhodes Scholar. He helped take on ISIS and advised U.S. generals in Afghanistan. He will be the spokesperson for middle class America.

Rosemary Doherty


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