OPINION: When A Politician Lies

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When considering candidates this November, it’s important to look past disinformation and fear mongering pushed forth by some candidates and their surrogates. When a candidate uses lies to stoke the fears of voters, it should make one question why that candidate resorts to disinformation instead of outlining their ideas for the community they will represent. The tired, old tactic of lying about your opponent does not speak to today’s voters because today’s voters are very savvy.

Many of my friends and I prefer candidates like Andy Kim, candidate for Representative of NJ-03, who have a positive message, who look to the future with a well-thought-out plan for success, and will look to unite us. We look for candidates who have strong ethics, who care about all of the members of our community, and want to lift up all of our citizens. We need a Representative who will protect our healthcare. Most importantly, we want to know we can trust those we elected. If a candidate lies about their opponent, they lie to us as well.

Carol Heppner


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