Does it really make a change when they campaign

When they fill your ears with a bunch of words will it be the same

Their making their campaign speech

But will it stick to the voters like a leach

Those words spin around in your mind

Is there any true value what he or she says at this time

The same old song and dance

Than a kick in the pants

You take Obama care

When President Obama campaign he never made us aware

Which means who do you vote for that you can trust

Will he or she should make matters better for us

Politically saying it seems their mouth has a double tongue

When the winner is sworn into office will we be hung

Everyone thinks this way

Any commitment should be binding in what you say

To build a mountain which was turned into an ant hill

The mountain disappeared because the promise wasn’t fulfilled

To give the voter your word,

And saying there will be a change is what you heard

If the pledge is broken

It shouldn’t have been spoken

Not giving seniors a proper livable raise

President never bringing this topic up in ways

To make it happen every year is just important as foreign affairs hurting senior’s pockets

Seniors carry a massive vote, need that raise don’t socket it

This topic deservers top priority like other topics

Mr. President, Governors, Senators, and Congressmen don’t block it

Letting your voters down

Impeachment or just don’t reelect would be the final sound


Seymour Berger
Toms River


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