OPINION: Those Good Old Days Never Happened

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It was clever of Myrna Arnold to start off her letter (“Remembering Different Good Old Days”) in your July 14 edition with her remembrances of pleasant American memories that many of us share before switching into her anti-Trump screed.

But when you combine her simply incorrect statements (example: “I remember when a president of the United States was elected by a majority of the people, instead of the electoral college.” No, you don’t, because no American president has ever been elected based purely on the popular vote.) with the clinically hysterical (example: “I remember when infants were not ripped from their mothers’ arms…” But seemingly you don’t remember the millions who’ve been ripped from their mothers’ wombs, never mind their arms.) and add to them silly politicized moans (among other examples: “I remember when a Supreme Court nominee was allowed a hearing, even when he was not a right-wing republican.” I remember that too, and here’s what it got us: libleft ideologues like Ginsburg and Breyer, willing to ignore the Constitution to stick the country with their perverse schemes.) and top it off with the strictly maudlin (example: “I remember when I was proud to be an American and proud to wear the uniform of the U.S. Army….”)

Well, I remember when I was proud be an American and proud to wear the uniform of the United States Marine Corps, but I’m beginning to wonder how long national pride can be maintained in a country under administrations (unlike the current one) that won’t defend the borders from alien invaders and are willing to burden their own citizens with the cost of harboring those invaders. And maybe everybody is wondering how long it will be before the countries those invaders come from will be forced by their own peoples to become worth staying in.


Neal Pronek


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