OPINION: The War Of Words Claims Us As Victims

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Does it take a war to separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls? Does it take a war that produced the legendary journalist, Walter Cronkite, of yesteryear? Does it take the war that produced the courageous journalists, Martha Radditz and Geraldo Rivera, of our time? And yet we are at war. It is a war-of-words against the President of the USA. For the MSNBC pundit to say “President Trump is worse than 9/11, which brought people together,” is ludicrous.

And why did a New York tabloid give first-page prominence to referring to the President’s daughter as “ghoul” because it rhymes with “girl?” Not to worry, this tabloid had to dismiss more than two-thirds of its workforce to restructure and stay alive.

This war-of-words needs to cease; it entertains evil. The world is watching as the media, Democrats and thespians make a fool of themselves, while taking the American people along with them.

The president’s personality and his past dalliances do not interest me. He has promised to get things done. New presidents have come and gone promising billions to this-and-that purpose and still nothing improves. How about infrastructure? Roads here are horrendous. Even President Obama giggled when he said: “there were no shovel-ready-jobs.” He should apologize. It would be refreshing if New Jerseyans voted for a Republican Senator this November, for once in our lifetime, and help get things done.


Marie Pellicano


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