OPINION: Smith Ignores Those Who Are Not Like Him

Chris Smith

The day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as president, I joined with millions of people and walked in the Women’s March to protest his demeaning attitude toward women, exemplified by his infamous “p—-” remarks. My congressman, Chris Smith had not spoken out to defend me and all the women in his constituency, so I walked to make myself heard.

When Trump withdrew the US from the Paris Climate Accord, my congressman, Chris Smith supported this action in a partisan way, saying that he agreed with the withdrawal, calling the Accord “all-pain, no-gain.” I believe that the environment needs our most urgent attention, so I walked in the Climate March to express my concern, since my congressman would not support the wishes of his constituency.

When the Trump administration decided to put a ban on travelers to our country based on their religion, Smith, a tireless supporter of refugee rights, should those refugees be Christian, called the Muslim travel ban a “necessarily enhanced vetting process.” I walked to oppose the Muslim ban.

It’s time for citizens of the 4th Congressional district to keep walking. I am going to walk to the polls on Election Day and vote for Josh Welle. Join me and make it a successful march!


Lorraine Tosiello, MD
Bradley Beach


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