OPINION: NJ Vulnerable To Disaster, MacArthur Not Helping

Congressman MacArthur meets with protesters after the broadcast. (Photo courtesy of Tom MacArthur's Twitter Page)

Though Hurricane Florence didn’t have a significant impact on the Jersey Shore, we are tragically familiar with intense storm weather. This summer, flooded roads disrupted commutes to work and trips to school. Brick residents experienced multiple road closures, parts of Route 9 were closed, and Greenbriar I senior residents were forced to evacuate.

The fact is, New Jersey isn’t prepared. Our communities need immediate infrastructure investments to keep us and our communities safe from danger and damage caused by storms and rising sea levels.

Jersey Shore communities need costly but effective infrastructure including levees, dams, flood walls, living shorelines, and retention ponds. Efficient drainage systems and ditches keep roads clear and open during flooding. Other states that traditionally experience flooding have successfully mitigated risks by investing in elevated roads and drainage ditches.

Unfortunately, we have elected officials like Rep. Tom MacArthur (3rd District) who voted to give $1.9 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations but has consistently voted against disaster relief funding and failed to advocate for infrastructure investment. And MacArthur’s hero, Donald Trump, is using FEMA as a piggy bank for his priorities, imperiling South Jersey residents still relying on FEMA to assist them in restoring their homes.

Tom MacArthur’s constituents need investment and leadership to keep our communities safe. But clearly this isn’t a priority for MacArthur. I urge residents to remember MacArthur’s priorities when voting in November.


Kevin Kennedy


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