OPINION: Menendez, Welle The Heroes We Need

Photos courtesy Bob Menendez & Josh Welle

Superman, the fictional superhero, first appeared in a comic book in 1938. The story has been through many revisions from comic books, radio, television to film adaptations and video games. It’s interesting the emergence of the character was in the pre-war era and the post war show came into our home with our first television. Superman’s reassuring platform: “The never ending fight for Truth, Justice, and the American way” speaks to the safety net and framework of our society. I remember that mindset was of service to us then. I have seen heroes come and go. Now I understand that concept is too heavy for one individual.

Have we lost our vision of the American way? The security and unity that was realized in my early years seems to be continually slipping away. History tells us that our country has had periods of division. We are living in one of those times. Some of us are feeling we are on easy street, others live in fear of the future. Who will come to our rescue? Who are our next leaders? As I hear myself say that out loud, it sounds childish! When I look around to the events of the day, I see the changes in broad daylight. Our democracy is fragile and resilient. Our leaders are only as good as our voice. The midterm election is fast approaching. Who will deliver my voice in Washington?

Josh Welle is challenging Chris Smith’s seat in Congress. Welle’s platform and commitment is to be of public service for all NJ citizens. I have had the pleasure of meeting and expressing my concerns to Josh, unlike Chris Smith, who only attends unannounced private functions.

In the senate, Bob Hugin is seeking to unseat Bob Menendez. Hugin’s recent TV ads Claim, according to FBI Affidavit exhibit 18, Menendez was involved with underage prostitutes. A Google search shows that the women said they were never paid for sexual favors but were paid to make false statement. Quinnipiac and FDU polls show that women support Menendez vs Hugin, as well as non-whites and an even split among white men. In the past I have asked women Trump supporters, how can they continue to trust a man who has derogatory behavior towards women and immigrants? Their response was that they agree with his policies. I ask those who agree with the policies and record Menendez has stood for in the senate to continue to support him. Any time I call Menendez’ office, his positions always aligns with my interests and concerns. I am doubtful of what Hugin’s positions would be based his record from the past at Princeton when he was in opposition of women and non-discrimination on campus.

Josh Welle may be young and Bob Menendez may have fallen from grace, however, I trust they will represent me in Washington. I choose to use my own Superpower and Vote for them on election day.

Roseann Petropoulos


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