OPINION: MacArthur’s Stance On Abortion Earns A Vote

Congressman Tom MacArthur (R-3rd) speaks at the Ocean County Mayors’ Association meeting, held at The Grove restaurant in Toms River. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

I would like to show support for Tom MacArthur in the upcoming mid term election. While there has been controversy on both sides, and neither candidate has been squeaky clean, there is a good reason to support MacArthur on an important issue that many Republicans and social conservatives feel important. That issue is pro-life.

The pro-life issue has been vilified and despised by the radical left and now the Democrat party that has adopted that same stance. Tom MacArthur has loyally stood by that movement and been a staunch supporter of life, including the “pain-capable act” that protects infants from late term abortions. This one issue alone is key because his opponent, Andy Kim, is running on a pro-choice platform that needs to be defeated.

Hopefully, with thought and reflection, you will recognize that the life candidate deserves your support on November 6. Vote your conscience when thinking about so many future lives that have no say in their future. There is no real “choice” in the pro-choice movement. Certainly not for the innocent victims.


Frank Coluccio
Toms River


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