OPINION: MacArthur No Friend Of Middle Class

Congressman Tom MacArthur, Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin and Presidential advisor Ivanka Trump speaking about taxes at Bayville Fire Company. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

Congressman MacArthur is fond of sprinkling his public information notices with phrases like “middle class” and “working families”, suggesting that the voters of these groups are his special and sole concern.  The record, however, indicates otherwise.

He authored a bill in Congress to strip people with pre-existing conditions of their health insurance coverage.  He was also the sole New Jersey congressman to vote in favor of Trump’s ruinous tax bill which lines the coffers of the wealthy and of the corporations. MacArthur also supported the “age tax” which increased the tax burdens of our senior citizens.

AARP has closely examined MacArthur’s voting record and finds him to be no friend of the middle class.


Michael J. Doherty


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