OPINION: Local Hospital Treats The Whole Person, Not Just The Disease

Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News

I want to share what happened to me when I went to the emergency services department at Community Hospital in Toms River, on Sunday, the 16th of September.

A friend drove me to the hospital and we went into the emergency area. It was well-kept, clean, and brightly lit! I was treated with kindness, dignity, humor, and gentleness. The entire staff was welcoming and smiling. They made me feel that I was the most important person in their lives for the time they took care of me. I had to have several different kinds of tests, all of which were programmed by timed appointments and done within a few minutes as planned. No waiting on a gurney in any hallways.

It was necessary for me to stay at the hospital overnight for observation. There is a new part of the emergency area called RDU, which stands for radical diagnosis unit. It was well-attended by physicians, nurses, aides and other personnel so that at no time did I feel stressed or abandoned. I returned home on Monday with recommendations to further explore the problem I was having.

Tuesday, a member of staff called to make sure that I would follow up with my personal physicians. When I did speak to them, they advised me that the hospital had also spoken to them to alert them to my problems. Happily, when I shared this experience with some friends at Leisure Village West, they concurred with what I had experienced. It is nice to know that such a wonderful facility is available to the residents in this area.


Dolores Lomega


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