OPINION: Kim Seems Clueless On Health Care

Photo courtesy Andy Kim

I attended an event for seniors hosted by congressional candidate Andy Kim at the Ocean County Library. I was beyond disappointed in the event and Mr. Kim’s presentation. When Mr. Kim spoke, I did not see a candidate well-informed on senior issues. What I did see is a person seriously lacking basic knowledge on how Medicare and Social Security function.

Andy Kim could not answer the simplest questions regarding healthcare for seniors and he kept looking to his “special guest” for answers. His special guest was a political spokesman from Los Angeles, CA, who interrupted questions and barely let Mr. Kim speak. It seems that Andy Kim is just going through the motions trying to get the senior vote, while running nasty, untrue attack ads about Congressman MacArthur.

In stark contrast, Tom MacArthur has done incredible work for seniors. His office is well-known for helping constituents. They returned almost $5 million from the Social Security Administration due to seniors in Ocean and Burlington counties. He was named a “Champion of Medicare” by the Coalition for Medicare Choices. MacArthur helped bring millions of dollars to Deborah Heart and Lung Center every year, which will literally save lives. And most importantly, Congressman MacArthur is here. He’s accessible to us – he visits our communities and our picnics – and not just during election season.

Congressman MacArthur has a proven track record for seniors and I hope he gets re-elected this November!


Gary Ristaino


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