OPINION: Imagine The Perfect Candidate

Josh Welle

imagine a candidate running for Congress signing the following pledge:

  1. Integrity: I will always speak the truth and prioritize the public interest.
  2. Civility: I will respect my colleagues, focus on solving problems, and work to bring civility to politics.
  3. Courage: I will defend the rights of all Americans and have the courage to collaborate across the aisle and find common ground.

We have one who has. His name is Josh Welle and he is running for the House of Representatives in District 4 of New Jersey on Nov. 6.

Josh is a graduate of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, who just after 9/11 served in Afghanistan and 44 other countries over an active duty of 12 years. He is now a Commander in the US Navy Reserve. He is the founder of a security technology company, the lead editor of an LA Times best seller, “In the Shadow of Greatness,” and a permanent resident of Monmouth County.

He receives no money from corporate PACs. He is beholden only to us. It is time for a change. We need Josh Welle in Congress.


Sandra Gordon



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