OPINION: I Found An Answer In Stafford Township

Joe Mangino speaking at an event. (Photo courtesy Joe Mangino Facebook)

My heart and my head both ache from the divisiveness and ugliness I am seeing around me. What happened to working together for the greater good?

Well, I am glad to report that I found a small glimmer of hope right here in Stafford Township. Joe Mangino is running for mayor.

According to Joe, this election is not about Democrat or Republican. It’s about doing what’s right for Stafford Township. Building community and getting residents involved is a top priority. A few other priorities include stabilizing our property taxes, cleaning up abandoned properties in town and preparing for extreme weather. I already see Joe everywhere in town supporting Stafford events. As mayor, he plans to be visible and available to all residents, so he can learn about our ideas and concerns.

Joe and his team have my vote and I invite you to learn more about him and the “Focus On Stafford” team by going to their webpage and Facebook page before going to the polls. And…VOTE.


Barbara Reynolds


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