OPINION: Debunking Kim’s Claims

Tom MacArthur & Andy Kim

A recent debate between Congressman Tom MacArthur and Democrat challenger Andy Kim had two main takeaways for me.

The first was the question of Mr. Kim’s spin on his positions in both the Bush and Obama administrations. Without questioning his service to the country, the Washington Post awarded Kim two “Pinocchios” for, in their evaluation, “stretching his resume to elastic extremes by claiming he was a national security officer for a Republican president,” and “seems like a classic example of resume puffery.” Mr. Kim is obviously an intelligent man, but stretching the facts about his background was foolish on his part.

The second takeaway was his relying on the Democrat playbook strategy of trying to frighten senior voters concerning Congressman MacArthur’s role in attempting to fix Obamacare. PolitiFact, a noted fact checker on candidates, stated in a recent fact check article that Kim’s and other Democrats claims “mimics attacks we’ve seen against Republicans, omitting the caveats: This provision (the so called age tax) applied to people buying insurance on the individual and small-group markets. It did not apply to seniors on Medicare, or people 50 and older with coverage sponsored by large employers. Current law (Obamacare) allows insurers to charge older adults three times what they charge younger adults.” (PolitiFact author Miriam Valverde, 9/19/2018)

In both Kim’s and his supporting group’s campaign flyers and phone calls, pitching distortions to frighten seniors about Medicare is both unconscionable and just dead wrong. This is what the resist and obstruct Democrats are all about.


Michael Hale


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Editor’s note: The PolitiFact article did not mention Kim, but was in reference to other Democrats.