OPINION: Debate About Trump Continues With Civility

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I intended to write directly to Steven J. Baeli – the erudite author of the extraordinary riposte to my letter about the impeachability of Donald Trump, but my Google search was inconclusive. Therefore, I rely on The Brick Times to relay to him both my respect and my reservations. In an age of vulgarity, I appreciate his being a gentleman. In an age of ignorance, I’m grateful for his fine writing and thoughtful, if partisan, scholarship.

Indeed, I’ve learned from his knowledge of Constitutional norms. Neither a lawyer nor a political scientist, I’m at a disadvantage in a discussion of this sort. I read and attempt to interpret the raw documents (the Declaration of Independence; the Constitution and Bill of Rights, etc.) along with available supplementary commentary. If to a professional it seems I’ve been skimming the surface, it’s what ordinary citizens are forced to do frequently.

Incidentally, that inadvertently – denigrated “Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language” is actually a patriotic book in the sense that it contains the Declaration of Independence; the Constitution of the United States; all presidents and vice presidents…through its publication date of 2001. I refer to the founding documents frequently and additionally to Smithsonian Presidents, so it ought not to be assumed that a person without a law degree or related credentials is incapable of comprehending the English language. And those recommended civics classes are no match for what is happening on the political scene of today!

My other reservation pertains to that typical default argument of partisans I necessarily oppose, that is, accusing Obama of the very offenses the present president commits on a daily basis. My observations have to do with the sitting president of 2018. If Mr. Baeli had issues about Obama’s being a traitor as he alleges, I should hope he voiced them at the time; and voiced them as vociferously as I shall continue to voice my claims against Donald Trump.

We’re talking now about the Presidency of Donald Trump, a man toying with autocracy. If I have missed any admirable actions during his candidacy and presidency, or reasons I should not be concerned about an overthrow of Constitutional Law, I encourage Mr. Baeli to enumerate instances in a future article.

I thank him in advance.

Nicholas S. Molinari

Here’s a link to Molinari’s original letter.

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