OPINION: Candidates Seek What’s Best For Jackson

As official candidates for the upcoming November election, and lifelong Jackson residents, we would like to recognize a few factual items that have moved Jackson in the right direction while maintaining public safety.

In the last six years, the mayor and his administration have had more roads paved, lined and signalized than any other administration has to date. To compliment this, the same can be said on completing more infrastructure projects than any span in Jackson’s history. And in speaking with the mayor, he has assured us that we are not finished making Jackson the place you want to live, work and play. The planned additional projects will continue the momentum of improving quality of life for all Jackson residents.

It would be remiss on our part not to express our opposition to Governor Murphy, the Senate and Legislature for removing $1.3 million in state aid away from the Jackson Township School District for the years 2018 and 2019. By the end of 2024 the total loss of state aid to our school district will be a disastrous $17.3 million hit, which will need to be made up by all of Jackson’s residents. To add salt to the wound, the governor’s administration waited until after the district finalized the 2018-2019 budget and staffing. We applaud the mayor’s leadership and the council for passing resolution 278R-18 opposing Governor Murphy’s punishing reduction of state school funding to the Jackson Township School District while mysteriously boosting other school districts’ funding.

The governor has reduced funding in specific districts in favor of other districts that do not manage their budgets as well as they could. Time and again you will hear Trenton Democrats say that these school districts need additional “funding”. On average, the Jackson taxpayer already pays more than $1,000 per year in school taxes that support way too many school districts outside of our own. We say that these districts don’t need additional funding but instead need guidance on how to get the best return for the budgets they have now. Jackson Township is blessed with outstanding and caring teachers, staff and programs, so to lose even a small portion is a slap in the face to all. But to lose almost $17.5 million in state school funding will affect all of us financially for decades. Our graduation rate is as exceptional as are our students, so why take away funding from such a high ranking, well run district is the real question, therefore, we intend to ask Trenton just that. The Trenton Democrats have a track record of failed policies that continue to cost Jackson tax payers their hard-earned money. While they are taking away funding for Jackson’s children’s education, they are including the price we now have to pay for illegal aliens’ education and millions of dollars for legal defense funds. We cannot continue to allow the policies of the Trenton Democrats to propagate at will to and now into Jackson Township.

Please ensure your voice is heard and vote on November 6th!


Andy Kern & Alex Sauickie



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