OPINION: Association Shouldn’t Fine For Feeding Animals

Photo by Chris Lundy

I am a resident of Village III for 12 years. I own a quad but not the land as the Board of Health pointed out.

You can’t feed the cats that are thrown out when their mama dies. The association has no rules or programs for the animals that are thrown out but, boy oh boy, do they make money with fines.

The animals that live here should be accounted for, that they have their shots, are fixed, and even a picture of who will take them when mama dies. But all the association wants is money. They get rich on fines.

The association sticks a piece of paper to sign before you move in saying you will not feed the animals. The cruelty is unbelievable. We are in the middle of the woods. The bookkeeper says there is “plenty to eat” in the woods (sticks, dirt, stones).

It’s your neighbor who reports you of course. They get benefits like a new roof right away.

After the association fines you to death, they call the Board of Health which is another $500 first time fine (don’t our taxes pay the Board of Health?) It’s horrible for the animals and us.

I know a lot of people don’t care for the animals, but they would never let them starve. I am allergic to cats but I called over 200 places and every one is full. Please fix your cat.

The association has no place to put the animals and neither does the Board of Health. But of course, they couldn’t fine you then.

Pat Butler


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