OPINION: A Plea To Voters Across The Aisle

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An earlier career with its frequent task of reconciliation between opponents, or a married couple in crisis, taught me the crucial need for empathy in all human relationships. I admit I’ve not always been totally consistent in providing this gift of empathy, but I do try quite diligently.

Allow me to give empathy for others some breathing room and a small voice. Although a registered democrat, I’ve occasionally crossed the aisle by voting for a republican, when I considered him or her the better candidate.

In that earlier long-past career, I had fervently believed the vast majority of human beings are people of good will who generally act in good faith. I’d like to believe that again, particularly with regard to my fellow Americans. True, these presumptions of good faith and of good will are very difficult to perceive in these times. The political zeitgeist feels more like the Civil War-continued!

Nonetheless, citizens of good will and of good faith should come to the realization that the current President is leading the nation into the darkness of autocratic rule. The Republican majorities in Congress have closed ranks to protect, praise and put total power into the hands of this one man, who displays mental aberrations in making compulsive decisions generally aligned with the enhancement of his ego, and not for the good of the human beings whom he ought to be leading towards a more perfect union.

If you clear away the smoke and mirrors of political propaganda machines, my sisters and brothers, you’re likely to acknowledge the absolute necessity of checks and balances in national government. Congress is supposed to be a branch of government equal to the Executive and to the Judicial, not a subsidiary of the Oval Office.

I’m asking voting citizens who happen to be registered Republicans to abandon automatic support for their party this time, and to vote for the good of the nation and for the common good.

Because, lacking checks and balances within Congress and between our three branches of government, we’re inadvertently clearing the road to autocratic rule and the revocation of our Constitution.

History attests it’s happened before!


Nicholas Molinari


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