Not A Vote For Trump

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In reference to John Cardello’s recent letter, I feel I must respond even though his “facts” are questionable at best.

About his reference to the great job Trump is doing; we learn from the poll:

Trump’s most recent weekly average approval rating is 38 (from Sept. 11-17, 2017) From Newsweek: “Trump’s approval rating is bad – like, historically bad. The weighted average from data-focused website FiveThirtyEight pegged it at just 37 percent on Friday – Day 197 of his presidency. No other president in the history of modern polling has had an approval rating so dismal on Day 197.”

President Trump regularly boasts about the stock market’s strong performance since his inauguration. What Trump hasn’t noted, however, is that Barack Obama and George H.W. Bush oversaw greater stock market expansion during their first six months in office, as judged by percentage growth of the S&P 500.

As for the Russian investigation being over, Mr. Cardello, surely you must have been sipping the Kool-Aid or taking a page from Trump’s “alternative facts.” The New York Times three days ago, headlined “Mueller Seeks White House Documents Related to Trump’s Actions as President.” The article goes on to say, “The document requests provide the most details to date about the breadth of Mr. Mueller’s investigation, and show that several aspects of his inquiry are focused squarely on Mr. Trump’s behavior in the White House.” This article is dated Sept. 20, 2017, so the investigation is certainly not over even though Trump and Mr. Cardello wish it to be so.

About food stamps (SNAP) you boasted that there are fewer people on food stamps. One can certainly state that there could be less people on food stamps because Trump cut the budget for eligible recipients. Nearly half of SNAP recipients are children. That’s 20 million kids – about 1 in 4 Americans under the age of 18. The 42 million Americans – 13 percent of the population – who currently receive SNAP benefits, which include low income families, the elderly (about 11 percent of SNAP recipients are seniors) people with disabilities, and those who have lost a job. They receive an average of about $4.17 per day, or $1.39 per meal. (from Surely you cannot be proud of taking food out of their mouths.

All in all, Mr. Cardello, I do not wish to be in your rising boat that purportedly lifts us all. Neither do I wish to be in the Trump one that is sinking.

Rosemary Doherty


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