New Jersey’s War On Seniors

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Most of us have heard about the War on Poverty, Drugs and Terror now there is another war looming on the horizon, New Jersey’s War on its Seniors.

For the second consecutive year the state has shortchanged the Homestead Rebate credit. This year’s benefit is based on the $156 million appropriation that was included in the 2018 budget, a 50 percent cut that was put into effect last year and is now being carried over this year. When fully funded a few years ago, the benefit averaged $515 for seniors and disabled homeowners and is now reduced to approximately $259.

About 20% of income for a senior living on a fixed income goes to paying property tax. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that one in three New Jerseyans between the ages of 65 to 75 are in the workforce because many of them cannot afford to stop working. Retirees have already left the state because of the heavy taxation putting an additional burden on our remaining seniors A study reports that New Jersey has one of the highest property taxes and the worst finances of any state in the nation with the only solution to its debt problem is by raising taxes and or cutting benefits to seniors.


Art Mooney
Little Egg Harbor


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