New Budget Act Gives More Than “Crumbs”

(Photo by Chris Lundy)

The word “crumb” is synonymous with minuscule and insignificant. Crumbs are the microscopic food particles that the servers in my restaurant wipe off each table, before seating a new group of customers. They are not meaningful or important, and the staff at my Seaside Park restaurant, The 3 C’s Luncheonette, do not mind crumbs as they are swept from the floor and thrown away. You can imagine my surprise when I heard Nancy Pelosi refer to thousand dollar bonuses and increased wages for workers as “crumbs.”

As I talk with staff and patrons, many have expressed optimism about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which Congressman Tom MacArthur (R-3rd) was a leader in fighting for. Thanks to this new tax cut, I can give my employees a raise and will be able to invest more in new equipment for the restaurant.

Congressman Tom MacArthur is a strong supporter of small businesses and has visited us here plenty of times. I don’t know how Nancy Pelosi and supporters of hers, like Andy Kim, could be so out of touch with the American people, that they would call these tax cuts “crumbs.”

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act means real savings for my small business and more money in the pockets of my employees. If this is what qualifies as “crumbs” to Nancy Pelosi, and Andy Kim, then I suggest that they introduce themselves to the real working middle class of America, who were just delivered real tax relief thanks to Congressman MacArthur.


Councilwoman Gail Coleman
Seaside Park


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