Move VA Clinic To Sears Property

Photo by Jennifer Peacock

I just read your article on the proposed site for the Veterans Administration clinic in Toms River (“Toms River Continues Push For New VA Clinic” in the July 21 edition).

Last week I had suggested to a councilman that the old Sears store should be looked at instead of knocking down more trees and causing more congestion on Hooper Avenue. Using the mall would provide a tremendous amount of parking already there, bus transportation already there, and the ability to go into the mall to shop or eat.

Not only that, the building is up, water and electric are there and it is all on one level. Move the VA office into the Sears building too. One stop easy access and all of the services a veteran may need. No running from one shop to another.

Even the outside services, like eyeglasses or shoes, can be located in the area. It would be less money to establish an existing building than it would be to build a new one.

Hopefully, others would agree with me.

Capt. R.M. Silva
Toms River


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