Military Parade Is Madness

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I am urging my Representative Thomas MacArthur to use whatever influence he has to convince the White House to abandon plans for a military parade.

Consider how the United States’ image has suffered on the world stage in the past few months and then consider what sort of image this will project to the world. What the President is calling for is reminiscent of what was seen during the Cold War and what is currently seen in dictatorial regimes – North Korea comes to mind.

I have asked Representative MacArthur to encourage the White House to spend the money on our veterans who are suffering from unemployment and healthcare concerns. If the President does that and for once shows some empathy for others, there might be a small glimmer of positive light shone on this administration.

Rep. MacArthur has claimed to work for his constituents and veterans in the numerous mailings he has sent. I urge him to work for them now and stop this madness.

Kimberly A. LoGiudice


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