Meet Andy Kim, Congressional Candidate

Andy Kim

The Barnegat Democratic Municipal Committee and Club are proud to announce that Andy Kim, Candidate for Congress in Congressional District 3, will be headlining and kicking off our membership drive on Wednesday, Jan. 24, in Barnegat.

It will be an exciting event, especially in light of how interested everyone is in flipping the 3rd Congressional District and electing a candidate who will look after the interests of “We The People,” – the 99% – instead of only the 1% which is where our current congressman’s (Tom MacArthur’s) interests are since that is how he has voted.

Andy Kim has an impressive resume. He has a tremendous amount of experience having worked in the Defense Department with General Petraeus and with the NSA. He knows his way around the Washington D.C. quagmire. You can check out Andy Kim’s Facebook page at: or his website:

If you live in the third district, please take advantage of the opportunity and come and meet Andy on Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018 at 7 p.m. at the Barnegat Community/Recreation Center, 900 West Bay Avenue in Barnegat (just behind Town Hall and the police station).

We’ll provide some lite refreshments; all you need to do is bring your energy and enthusiasm.

Marianne P. Clemente
Chair, Barnegat Democratic Municipal Committee



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